How did we even get here?


Message from Terry Davis, MOMbie Creator and Director:

It started as a simple question­—what if Halloween wasn’t just about candy? In the fall of 2016, I had a crazy idea and asked some friends to consider climbing far out of their comfort zones to learn a dance routine that we could reveal to our kids and neighbors in a surprise performance on Halloween night. We partnered with the incredible Vinny Patino who helped me bring the vision to reality with his brilliant choreography and passion for teaching. By pretending we were going to a Zumba class, the moms kept it top secret from everyone, including our families. We will never forget the shocked looks on our kids’ faces, standing there with their trick-or-treat bags in hand, as they watched their moms crawl out of the doorway and dance as zombies (MOMbies) in the middle of the street! We never expected that it would make so many people smile and create lasting bonds of friendship among busy moms in the community.

Soon after that first Halloween, we knew we were on the verge of something special.  Together, if we could put our performance fears aside, we could use this momentum for something good and help an important cause—funding cancer research.

Breast cancer affects all of us. We’ve shed too many tears too many times. We know we need to push cancer research forward, especially research for metastatic breast cancer. One in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime and this statistic hits home in our MOMbie group. We decided the next project would benefit the brilliant foundation run by Dr. Rebecca Scalera, The Cancer Couch, where every single dollar raised is matched and 100 percent goes directly to metastatic breast cancer research. 

On Halloween night in 2017, the MOMbies struck again! This time there were even more Fairfield moms in our spooky tribe of the walking dead and we simply asked all who enjoyed the show to consider making a donation to The Cancer Couch. In our wildest dreams, we never imagined that people would give so generously to support this important cause and that our videos from Halloween night would be seen by millions. It inspired us to do even more.

We hope our new love & kindness themed project continues to spread joy. The beautiful song, “This Is Me” has a message that touches all of us. MOMbies dedicates their videos to everyone touched by breast cancer and to our dear and inspirational friends, Rebecca Scalera and Mombie Caryn Sullivan. While our busy lives make us all feel like zombies sometimes, we are just your neighborhood moms of all ages, fumbling through footwork to spread happiness to others and to help make a difference to those living with breast cancer. If we’ve made you smile or bust out a move or two, please consider a tax-deductible donation on this page for The Cancer Couch.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” ~ Ryunosuke Satoro

Thank you for your kind support.